KidsBooksForFree.Com, a branch of Help-A-Kid Foundation, supports reading and enhancing Kids education in a very big way, by sharing the books for free amongst buyers and sellers and provide schools supplies and other materials for enhancing their quality of education.

We are desperately in need of your support. For those who want to get involved, please reach out to us at admin@kidsbooksforfree.com

If you'd rather donate money to help KidsBooksForFree buy whatever is most needed click here.

Requirements for Volunteers:

  • Background check for ages 18 or older OR parental agreement (15-17 years old): Background check information will be provided via email. Parent/Guardian would complete and submit a letter for ages 15-17 years old.
  • For volunteers who want to work strictly "behind the scenes," no background check is not required.
  • All Volunteers must live within 30 miles radius of where you live.

Volunteers who are between 16-18 years of age may volunteer with the program only with signed parental consent, a background investigation, and 3 character/ leadership references; this may not apply to street outreach or outreach center counselors (at the discretion of each program's leadership committee) and Volunteer Sign-Up Form.


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