KidsBooksForFree.Com, a branch of Help-A-Kid Foundation, supports reading and enhancing kid's education in a very big way, by sharing the books for free amongst buyers and sellers and provide schools supplies and other materials for enhancing their quality of education.

The primary mission of Help-A-Kid is to provide a platform where an individual organization (like Children Orphanage) can buy used or new textbooks or non-textbooks or Reading books from an individual seller or individual organization for free. Our services also include collecting donations and distribute them to the targeted individual organization (like Children’s Orphanage, Children’s Home, etc.,) to buy textbooks or school supplies to the needy kids for their school or college or all-purpose needs that would enhance the children’s literacy across the globe.

KidsBooksForFree.com objectives are:

  • Create a marketplace or platform for sellers to post the books for free that will promote improved reading and learning skills for kids around the world.
  • Establish a network of individual organizations in US in the first phase by end of 2015 and expand globally (India, Sri Lanka, South Asia, Africa, and Mexico and Latin American countries) by summer of 2016. Also, send text books to these organizations in the above mentioned countries using the funds collected from individuals and private-charity foundations.
  • Provide enriching and rewarding volunteering opportunities.

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