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If you are member of a professional or social group or part of organization that participates in philanthropic activities and looking to support charity like KidsBooksForFree.Com, a branch of Help-A-Kid foundation, we welcome you from our bottom of our hearts. Please visit our volunteer webpage and register yourself first.

No matter how big or small your fundraisers, you effort will always be appreciated by our organization and help us enhance the reading abilities and education of the kids around the world.

How can you as the organization or group or individual support us?

No matter the size of your fundraiser, you can be a difference through organizing such events. Before you begin your events, please get approval from by sending an email to

  • Identify what type of fundraising event that you would like to host.
  • Get an approval by sending an email to with details about – Name and place of the event, etc
  • All the collected donations to be paid through website.
  • Share any photo or video taken during the event and send it to

As always, we sincerely appreciate your help.

For more information:

Please contact for information.


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