Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ISBN and where do I find on the book?

    • The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier based upon the 10 or 13-digit Standard Book Numbering (SBN) code. Typically this number can be found above the barcode on the back of the book.

  • How do I post a book in the website?

    • Under “Donations” menu, you can see “Donate Books” menu item. If you have ISBN number, you can enter the number and click search to get the details of the books automatically. The system will try to fill in as much information as possible and will allow the users to enter the missing information manually. Upon completion of the information, please click on “Donate Books” button to sell your books for free.

  • When I post books, it asks for Book Delivery option. Why?

    • The delivery option is very important for the buyers on how to get the books. Unless you as the seller to decide on the logistics – either ship the books for free or delivery personally or allow the buyer to get the books at your door steps, the buyers cannot decide how to procure the books. So, please choose the viable option that fits both your schedule and finance.

  • I posted a book in the website which did not display the picture of the book, why?

    • It is very important that we value the book posted by the users and validate the content of the image before it appears in the website. When the seller posts the image of the book manually, the administrator of the website gets notified. Upon approval, the seller gets an email and image of the book appears in the website.

  • How do I remove the book(s) that I posted in the website?

    • Currently, there is no provision for the users to remove the books in the website. Please contact us with your Login ID, Email and the book information where admin will delete manually.

  • How do I buy books in the website?

    • For you to become the buyer of the books in, you have to be a NGO or a Non-Profit Organization. Upon completing the registration (through My Account menu) with “Buyer” as the User Type option, we will be notified that you are a potential buyer. We will validate your NGO or Non-Profit details and send you valid login credentials.
    • Once you are a certified buyer, you can login with your login credentials. You will see available books in your vicinity with books and a shopping bag icon in Red color. Moment you click on the bag, the bag turns into Green color and the book is added to the book bag.
    • If you choose NOT to buy the selected books, you still will have an option to undo your selection by clicking X icon.
    • If you choose to buy the book, you simply click on “Buy Book” button, which will send an email communication about the books that you bought for free including the sender details and the mode of delivery. A similar email communication will be sent to seller as well.

  • How do I know the logistics of the delivery of the books?

    • As a buyer or a visitor of, you have the option to see how the books are delivered by the seller by looking at the left pane of the website. Under the “Search By” option, you would see the filters on books categories including the “Book Delivery” information. If you click on Book Delivery, it will show how many are selling by prepaid postage options, willing to deliver to you or want you as the buyer to collect from them, etc.

  • How do I allow the website to accept my location details?

    • It is imperative that the website requires your location details to provide you the books available in your area. Please click ……

  • Why am I not seeing any books in the nearest radius?

    • It is possible that there is no one selling any books within your 100 miles radius. Please check back again.
    • There is another possibility that you would not have accepted the initial message from the website to track your location. It is important that you allow the website to register your location so that the website to provide you the list of books available in your living area.

  • I am currently travelling. How do I see the books near where I live?

    • If you are travelling and trying to browse this website without logging in, you would see the books near.

  • How do I send the photos/videos on my fundraising?

    • Please send the video clips and images to The administrator will review the video clips and images and get posted in the website.

  • How do I conduct fundraising activities?

    • Please check link for more details.

  • What if we as the NGO/Non-Profit do not want buy books but need school supplies for our children?

    • Many orphanage or foster care need school supplies for the children. In those situations, please email us at We will evaluate your request and send you the needed supplies through our nearest volunteer

  • How can I volunteer?

    • We need your help to help the kids who are in need. Please check our volunteer page.

  • How do I conduct fundraising activity?
  • How do I post a book in the website?
  • Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
    • If your contribution was done as an individual cash donation you will receive an official printed acknowledgement/tax receipt via email approximately 1-2 weeks from the date of your donation.
    • If you have not received any communication about email acknowledgement and receipt within 2-3 weeks please call us 973-912-3888. Please provide your full name and mailing address as it appears in our records so that we are able to locate your account.

  • Is Help-A-Kid Foundation a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization? Is my donation tax-deductible?
    • Help-A-Kid recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and all your donations are 100% of your donations tax-deductible. Our Federal Tax ID number or Employer Identification Number (EIN) is xxxxxxxx.


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